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Core Programme: Morning Guided 45 Minute Practice Session ** Comprising:

30 minutes demonstration, during which your practice will be guided by the professor (approx 20 minutes focused work on technique, 10 minutes on repertoire - a different piece will be covered each week)

15 minutes interactive Q&A, during which the professor will answer your questions pertaining to the session

Over the Course of 6 weeks, our morning sessions will cover and teach all string-playing elements, for example: bow control, shifting, vibrato, sound variation,  etc. Most importantly, wwill show you how to implement and develop these techniques each day, by teaching and guiding you in effective practice techniques. We will also advise on how to work on repertoire,  teaching you how to analyse and improve your pieces and prepare yourself for performance, all with the ultimate aim of facilitating increased freedom, power and development of your individual artistic voice.


Registered participants will receive a detailed syllabus for the core daily sessions.

To learn more about our philosophy and the importance of this daily work, visit the Welcome page

** Core sessions - Teaching/Demonstration/Practice session with professor. These will be recorded, and for the duration of course they will be available online to registered students, in case of missing a session and wanting to catch up, or wanting to revisit a session. To protect student privacy the live Q&A will not be recorded.  

Saturdays: *

Afternoon Masterclass with Virtual Virtuoso Professors or Guest Artist Professors - Available to watch for all registered participants -

- Performing in the masterclass - A weekly selection will be made from registered participants 

* Time/Date will vary for some weeks - detailed information coming soon




Student Concert - afternoon/evening - performers will be selected weekly 

* all participants registered to our Core programme Session 1 or 2 will have at least 1 opportunity to perform in a concert or masterclass

It is also possible to register for other programmes with a greater number of performance opportunities: Apply

Our performance opportunities will help you maintain/develop your stage-skills - The masterclasses will be highly educational; we also urge you to support your fellow participants by watching their performances, and to take advantage of the social elements of this academy by interaction in our Facebook Group and After-Concert Virtual Coffee Sessions.

Other Sessions:

Those who have registered for additional private lessons will receive an individual schedule

We will invite Guest Speakers for one-off sessions on relevant topics such as: Handling Stage-Fright, Yoga/Qigong & Wellness, Performance Preparation etc

Piano Accompaniment - if you would like to practise any of your repertoire with piano, you may request a personal recording (available at additional costs). Unfortunately, internet latency means we cannot provide live piano accompaniment at the masterclasses or concerts, but you are welcome to perform with a recording, or to play live alongside your usual pianist (social distancing rules permitting).

The Virtual Virtuoso International Competition final round will be live-streamed on October 30th 2020 - Read More & Apply!

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