"Miriam is a dedicated instructor and mentor, finding the right balance between keeping our daughters interested and engaged in their violin lessons whilst challenging them to push the boundaries of their development. With her strong focus on technique and sense of humour, Miriam has enabled them both to not only progress rapidly but to also love playing. We especially appreciated her focus and attention during lockdown to deliver high quality virutal lessons that were the highlight of our girls' days."

Elizabeth (on behalf of Maeve and Clare)

"I've known Miriam since 2008 when she started teaching the violin to my daughters, then aged 6 and 8.


Miriam was very good at teaching the solid basics of violin playing, but at the same time made the experience fun, so my daughters actually liked to practice (!) and looked forward to her lessons. They progressed rapidly under her guidance. In particular I noted that Miriam has a special flair for inspiration, resulting in my daughters developing more rapidly than I thought that they should be capable of.


She proved to be a highly committed teacher and always found time to come to teach my daughters regularly in spite of her busy schedule. Also outside lessons, she took care to answer any of my queries on violin technical matters."

lzumi, (on behalf of Nadia and Tatiana)

"I was prepared to do work on 'simple' things. I think Miriam was very good on this. I found her to be extremely patient and able to 'sit tight' until I understood and was getting some way towards doing things properly. She taught me how to practise and I found that I gained in confidence, not because she kept telling me how well I was playing (she didn't), how much progress I was making etc but because I knew things were getting better. I enjoyed the lessons a lot and we had a laugh. What I would say is that any pupil needs to be prepared to work hard and put in the practice at home. That is the case with any teacher but Miriam is different!"

Penny - (Adult Student)

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